About Us

Choose service excellence from Interfit: the right tires,
the right systems, the right partner for you

Our service models are designed to be fast, efficient and to minimize machine downtime. We believe the most important part of what we do is to keep fleet working – all our systems and processes are engineered to maximize machine uptime.






Service visits per year

Customer Proximity

Customer proximity is one of our strengths, thanks to our worldwide network with operations in more than 20 countries. A fast delivery and an efficient service, always in line with high quality standards to meet our customers’ needs. With systems and processes designed to deliver customer control, and ensure the right tires are always fitted at the right time.

Product expertise complete range of services

Product expertise and a complete range of services makes replacing tires with Interfit easy. Professional teams deliver on-site fitting through mobile presses and exchange wheel programs, designed to be fast, efficient and minimize machine downtime. We carry out fleet inspections and essential tire and wheel maintenance, to keep operations running at maximum productivity.

Safety is paramount in all our activities

Interfit performs to high standards of operational safety, with all measures and procedures compliant to industry requirements.

Digital Innovation and solution

Beyond service operations, Interfit adds value through digital innovation and solutions. Using the latest technology and devices, we achieve paperless and fast processes through our unique online ordering system: iFit.

Complete reporting and detailed vehicle tracking ensure customers have all the information they need about tire spend and product performance.