Our services

Fast, efficient and local – delivering service excellence wherever our customers are.

We offer onsite replacement tire fitting through exchange wheel services depending on location and tire size.
Our service models are designed to be fast, efficient and to minimize agricultural machinery downtime. We believe the most important part of what we do is to keep machine working – all our systems and processes are engineered to maximize machine uptime.

Change over

We offer a fast and efficient fitting service for new or used machinery, replacing tires with alternative sizes or brands as well as taking back the previous tires, if required. 

On site tire service

Through our fleet of service vehicles, we reach agricultural machinery wherever they are to provide comprehensive, fast and efficient tire replacement, service or maintenance.

Tire optimization

We carry out machine inspections and essential tire and wheel maintenance, to keep operations running at maximum productivity, including footprint analysis pressure and tire utilization advice.


Complete wheel or tire only conversions for sizes not available directly from OEM, as well as second set options for different uses including row crops and turf. Full assistance to ensure correct rolling circumference, mechanical ratio calculations and track width.

Technical back up and advice

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field of agricultural tires and wheels can advise customers on the most suitable tire fitment for each use, whether buying new machinery or tires or replacing the current fitment.

Complete wheels offer

Our comprehensive range of tires and fixed or adjustable wheels allow us to offer the best complete wheel fitment for farming operations.